The Wellness Collection.

Hello all, well here we go again. National Lockdown.

It fills me with such mixed emotions its overwhelming at times.

Regarding my business I shall carry on making beautiful flowers to brighten the days. I hope so much that my brides from 2020 will not have to re-schedule again, its a worry for so many.

During the first Lockdown I developed the idea of the wellness collection. I wanted to use the natural properties of herbs and eucalyptus to fill my bouquets with natural soothing aromas. I also thought this would make a great gift to send to any one that was struggling.

Also along with my handtied bouquet, I have developed the idea of a 'shower or bath' bouquet. Hang your bouquet in your bathroom and relax in your bath or shower allowing the natural scents of fresh herbs, flowers and eucalyptus fill the air.

Self care during these weird times is so important. Stay strong everyone and keep safe.

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