The Wellness Collection

Flowers that make you feel.

The wellness collection allows you to explore the therapeutic properties of flowers. 
Filled with fresh cut flowers, herbal foliage and natural essential oils. 
Bring positive energy to your home and calmness to your heart.

Seasonal Wellness Bouquets

Known as the 4 seasons.
Beautiful bouquets filled with scented foliage and seasonal cut flowers.
Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter
Photo replicates a Autumn bouquet size Medium.
Enjoy the therapeutic properties of this bouquet that is made with love and uses the best cut flowers available. This bouquet is delivered with a vase.
Large: £50
Medium: £35
Small: £25

Available for local delivery only via my web shop


Botanical Bath Salts

The ultimate relaxing bath experience.

A selection of dried rose petals and lavender mixed with bath salts.
These jars make the perfect gift on their own or sent with the bath bouquet

Medium size with Kilmer jar lid: £15
Small Test Tube with cork top: £3

(These make the perfect wedding favours)

Available for Local or Nationwide delivery via my web shop.

Flower and foliage bath bouquet. #natura

Bath Bouquets

Hang these herbal bountiful bouquets above your bath or shower the steam from the hot water will allow the essential oils to fill the air making you feel calm and relaxed.

A thoughtful gift to encourage self love for yourself or for a friend.

Foliage: £15

Flowers: £20

Available for local and nationwide delivery via my web shop.

Flower smudge stick. Botanical incense.

Smudge Sticks

A herbal bundle of foliage and flowers bound together in twine. 

The tradition of burning the bundles was first made by the native Americans.

Burning the sticks is said to bring positive energy and calmness into your meditation practice.

Small: £15 

Large: £20 


Available for local and nationwide delivery via my web shop.