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The Full Story

About Rosebud Flowers

Paving a way for a floral future.


About Me.

Hello and welcome to Rosebud Flowers.

Flowers are my passion, from a young age I have always loved being outside and surrounded by nature, celebrating the beauty of flowers. 

Their colour, form, structure and variety always captured my imagination and creativity.

At school I loved art. I would often take myself off to the latest art exhibition in London or to a National Trust property to visit a garden.

  My studies continued down the artistic route where I studied Art and Design at Art collage and then Fine Art at University. Coming home it was actually my mum who suggested using flowers as my form of medium to create my Art. This idea changed everything!!! I enrolled on a one-year course at Merrist wood Agricultural collage to gain my Level 2 in Floristry. This was the best year of my life; I had found my true passion a love of creating with flowers. It was the greatest match and has gone on to be my beloved career for over 18 years.


Vision and Mission

Rosebud flowers was set up after the birth of my daughter, Rose. Having worked for 10 years as a Florist within a commercial business I felt I had gained enough experience to confidently set up my own business. I felt it was time to showcase my own designs and passions, to pass on my joy and knowledge for flowers.

My mission for Rosebud flowers is to be sustainable, to always try and be mindful of the environment.

I recently took on the privilege of owning an allotment, this has been a true joy giving me the opportunity to grow my own cut flowers. 

 All my flower bouquets are plastic free. No cellophane here!! I will be using as much as possible seasonal cut flowers from my allotment to reduce my carbon footprint.

 I will always make my arrangements using the traditional methods of moss and chicken wire but sometimes, I do have to use the modern methods to create the desired vision, therefore I will always use the biodegradable forms of floral form such as Agra wool. 

This is my pledge for my business and with your continued support I look forward to being a part of its growth in years to come.

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