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My Allotment Dream.

I love gardens and I love flowers; it has always been a dream to grow my own flowers. I was on the allotment council waiting list for two years and in the January of 2022, I got the call to say a plot had become available. As soon as I saw it, I knew a wanted it, my dream and vision for growing my own flowers was about to become a reality.

I quickly cleared the beds that had already been dug and filled the soil with fresh organic mulch and compost to get some much-needed nutrients in opt the ground.

I had already started to grow sweet peas from seed, and they were doing well on the windowsill.

I had allocated an area to grow my seeds in my plot to see what would grow well. I was starting with, Cornflowers, Amaranthus, Variety of sunflowers, Stocks, Cosmos, and my loved sweet peas. Much to my delight these all did well over the summer, and I was able to put the flowers in my bouquets.

Next to plant up were a mixed variety of dahlias again to see how they would fair in the allotment. They were a joy to watch bloom. I plan to have more next year. I also sourced some perennials from local garden nurseries.

It's been a year of trials and errors and I look forward to the coming years in learning more about growing gorgeous flowers.

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